CAN YOU thrive on just fruits and vegetables? My next podcast guest thinks you can…
Do you have any questions around this, you want me to ask her?
Recording the interview later on today with the only person who answered the question I was getting intuitively…
You see over the last 10 years I’ve been on a quest!
A QUEST to find the food that works for me optimally… to energise me… to allow me to be a conduit energetically.. spiritually and to provide the foundation for me to live as long as possible..
A couple of weeks ago I asked the question about food enzymes..
I was recommended a lot of books… I bought them. I read them.
They didn’t have what I was looking for.
My body was telling me differently.
Grains have never done well with me. Dairy in its pasturized form Hell No!
Meat has never been an issue for me to digest as long as it was organic grass finished… BUT I find the energy even more dense than processed food, to eat unless my body asks for it (happens once or twice a year)
and even though my DNA is suited to high fat and protein, from an energy, blood, science and being in shape point of view.. the last year my body has been nudging me towards letting all those ideas go…
Even if I ate different types of fruits together, my body would tell me it was better to eat them individually…
Even good sources of single type vegan protein powder, my body rejected.
All my expensive supplements.. whenever I try and slip one in, my body lets me know it didn’t like it.
During a meditative state, I got the message the fruit and veg was key… not for the nutrients contained within, but for the wisdom of life contained within. There was some others stuff too, but I’ll share at a later date 😉
SO.. as you can see in the picture below..
I am now living off of almost exclusively fruit and vegetables.
I still currently have a blow out on Friday…
But you gotta live right?
BUT I feel even this will fade out over time..
I can only experiment with this..
AND let you know in time how this serves me..
My aim is to inspire people to their own truth always..
SO whatever works for you.
Try this for 2 weeks and see if your eating habits change and if you don’t start noticing more what your body truly wants:
1. Before a meal. Breathe 10 conscious breaths and then ask what feeling you have in your body. What emotion do you have?
Become aware. THEN ask your body what would it like to eat?
What would serve it at it’s highest?
2. Set the intention to infuse the food you’re about to eat with all the nutrients, minerals and wisdom your body and mind requires in that moment.
Give thanks to all the energy and people that contributed to your meal being on your plate.
Let your body know to let go of anything that doesn’t serve it with ease and to speak up in your intuition if a food doesn’t serve you, with awareness as to why.
3. During the meal, be conscious and breathe in between chews.
Notice how your body feels as you eat.
4. Post meal, check in again. How do you feel now? How energised do you feel?
Any emotions you’re aware of?
Even something so simple as this. Do this for the next 2 weeks… and see how you start to notice your bodies wants more and more 😉
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