Have you become a peak state junkie? Don’t fall into this trap!
I hear this from people all the time “Duke how can I get more motivated?”
“Well your lack of getting sh*t done likely comes from your “Not good enough” program as you’re so filled with fear with what people might think, you never actually take enough action to get it out there”
AND this is true, but there’s also something else that’s likely lurking behind the scenes, slowing you down.
You’ve experienced something and now you want it again, and until you experience it again, a part of you has made the decision you won’t be able to crank out what it is you need to do.
You’ve experienced “THIS”
At events
After eating some processed food
During some kind of induced high
“THIS” is the feeling of being in flow. Being in state.
AND now you want this again before you feel able to get what you need to get done, DONE!
Imagine yourself as a colander, a bowl filled with holes. When you experience yourself at a peak state, it’s like running the tap and the colander being filled up with water.
With enough water coming out the tap, the colander will fill up despite the holes in it. You will for the moment experience what it feels like to feel full/whole/in peak state.
Then the tap stops and you feel back where you started.
NOW YOU have a decision to make.
Do YOU work on the dull experience of plugging the holes in yourself and play the long game, or do YOU go searching the next “high”, peak state, experience…
************************* ************************
Don’t make the mistake that most of the people around you are making. YES access flow and peak state as often as you’re able, but get used to doing the work as well. EVEN when you feel like crap.
Marcus Aurelius said “The impediment to action advances action”, which simply states that what’s in the way becomes the way if you let it.
Don’t let your quest to feel amazing, in state, in peak flow, get in the way of doing what is required in the NOW to do what needs to be done.
“After the ecstasy, the laundry” 😉
TGIF and one more day till the weekend! Keep pushing, keep doing what needs to be done, then be sure that when you take time off, be 100% off.
Here if you need x

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