What if you saw the darkest parts of you like this kitten in the picture? Would you feel more deserving then?

A part of you that just needs some love and attention…that’s all….
If you’re reading this… I KNOW one thing above all else that I could possible know about YOU…
You are way to unkind to yourself!
You think you have to do so much more than you actually have to.. to get what you want.
You think you have to be so much more than you are to get love…
AND you beat yourself up WAY too much for any mistakes or misgivings you might have or made
You “think” you don’t deserve…
This could be for a number of reasons.. but most of the time it’s one of the following:
1) You made a decision in your childhood that you’re not worthy of loving/not good enough to be loved
2) You had something done unto you/were treated in a certain way, that convinced you that you’re only worth so much
3) You did something to someone else (or to yourself) that you still haven’t forgiven yourself for
4) You see in yourself, traits that you don’t like to see in others
5) Someone told you how you “ought” to be to achieve X… and as you don’t (in your opinion) embody those traits… it must mean it’s not in your reach yet..
I could go on… but you get the point…
Last year I hosted relationship workshops.
It was fun.. I love relationships.. they are the juice that brings up more of the darkness we haven’t been kind to than anything else..
AND going into those workshops, I thought I knew everything people needed to invite in a relationship that would fill them up and give them that feeling they wanted so much..
BUT I was wrong..>
Something I’d never anticipated was just how amazing people would be that I’d met…
AND even from a shallow perspective.. (if you want to judge it that is) people who were really really good looking as well
I thought.. OK let’s release the Ex, release the parent that didn’t love them the way they were looking for love, get their intentions right… get them speaking their feelings and truth, get them to realise how the mirrors are showing up in their life etc…
BUT what I didn’t anticipate was needing to show them how amazing they were
Decisions and beliefs that STOP you from feeling you’re worthy of someone else equally amazing
I literally blows my mind!
AND the problem NOW?
How YOU See yourself!
From today
I mean, you’re already doing it so well already… but you’ve kinda got it the wrong way round!!!
You see the good in people so easily…
You FAIL to embody, that those some traits you admire in someone else, you must own at least part or all of those aspects in yourself to recognise them in another
AND even more importantly
To be able to see and judge and recognise those “bad” parts of a person in someone…
You’ve not acknowledged something that happened to you (or someone you care about)..
You’re neglecting that part that you see in someone else, that you also have
NOW the interesting thing is..
No matter what the question the answer is always the same
EMBRACE that part of YOU with LOVE
I don’t care if you’ve done terrible things.. it’s time to let it go
I don’t care if you’ve not looked after someone as well as you think you should have.. it’s ok, you’re not the keeper of their world
I don’t care if someone needs you, YOU need YOU first!
I don’t care what someone said to you, last month, or last year, or when you were 5… there could be a number of reason why they said it.. and one of them could be a universal message to highlight that part of you that believes it to be true
YOU do enough already
You have enough already
YOU are enough just as you are ALREADY, when you start loving those parts of yourself, that you feel aren’t worthy of love
Try it for a week and see how you start to feel differently..and life starts to reflect differently back at you!
1. Write out all the worst things you’ve ever done.. the people you’ve hurt..
Ask yourself, what programs you were running? What were you truly looking for when you said or did that?
2. Write all those people you think you need be there for and how you think you need be there for them and WHY?
Ask yourself, when did you form the belief you have around this? Who were you trying to emulate or not be like?
Who wasn’t there for you growing up?
3. Who wronged you in your life?
What did they say? What did they do and how did it make you feel?
What beliefs did you form? What meaning did you put to the situation and how is it now running your life?
There are many different processes you can use with this, but simply by acknowledging (as you have above) what happened and the energy around it, you will already start to create a shift..
AND then in your minds eye (eyes closed imagining) do the following.>>
See the person or the situation in front of you
Say the situation and access what it is and what means it meant to you and them
Let them know you’re sorry
You forgive them because (they were acting from programs)
You forgive yourself for holding onto this energy all this time
“BUT I forgive you cause I know, just like me/you (have experienced X in your life)
“And now I lovingly let you go”
“I’m free, you’re free, we’re both free, thank you”
Now Invite The Angels in to close the energy.
AND When all is said and done in your own mind, sit down.. grab a piece of paper and pen
AND write down all the things you’d love to invite into your life
and the key question being here is NOT “What do I want?”
“How do I want to feel?” and wrote down what the partner, business/job and body would feel like
Notice any disparity in your feelings towards what you want and any internal voice that says you can’t have it.. and go to work again to acknowledge where and when those beliefs came into your life
There can of course be more to this and we cover this in more detail in my Facebook group “Self Awareness with Duke“, but know that simply acknowledging those parts of yourself that up until now you haven’t been embracing will star to change not just how you feel, but how life shows up!
P.P.S Here if you need X

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