Today I met a girl.
I looked into her eyes for 4 minutes and saw her innocence at the deepest level.
As I looked into her eyes, I saw her life.
She came to the UK as she had nothing to lose and wanted to fulfill her potential.
She was doing a job she had worked hard to get, but wasn’t feeling the fulfillment she’d anticipated.
Her heart was now CLOSED.
She had not been able to open it for many years.
Secretly she wanted to go back home.
Secretly she wanted the love she’d experienced before she had her heart broken.
She still hadn’t let him go.
As she looked back at me, I could feel the love she gave that guy. So sweet, so innocent, so unconditional.
All she wanted above all else was to feel how she felt 5 years ago.
BUT she was AFRAID
of feeling the same pain
of feeling not good enough
of feeling like she wasn’t worthy of love
Once we broke our gaze, I asked her, “You know what you want more than anything? What if you allowed yourself to receive that again?”
“I’d be scared of feeling the same pain”
It fascinates me!
Especially in this world of personal development, that it’s seen as almost a given that we go for more success, money etc…
BUT most people actually, if they truly looked inside, aren’t as bothered about that as compared to feeling in love. To feeling JOY every day.. to feel that PEACE as they know they’re taken care of by something higher then themselves or someone close to them..
When we are in love, everything looks rosier and everything flows better.
Because love as a vibration permeates all.
WHEN we feel in love, we are naturally at a higher vibration without having to prime ourselves out of bed! :-p
WHEN we are in love we look at the world through a more positive lens
AND WHEN we are in love, the feelings of lack, not good enough and lack of worth are topped up by our squeeze
YET.. I get it!
THE DROP… The loss…
Is so painful!
It feels personal.
It feels like nothing in our life is good
Nothing at work, with friends or family…
Can get us back to that place.
SO WE CLOSE OUR HEART. Lock the 4 chambers up and throw away the key!
What’s worse, is we don’t even realise we’ve done it most of the time!
THEN what’s even worse is our brain installs a new program…a new behavior to make sure it can’t happen again!
“Men are not trustworthy”
“Women are crazy”
“Men change their minds”
“Women want everything from you, but don’t want to support you”
NOW I KNOW you know all this.
You’re probably rolling your eyes right now.
YET you can’t let him/her go, even now.
“I HAVE TO HEAL 100% first and work on yourself before I can be with someone else”
OF COURSE time is a healer… BUT only if you’re putting in the work every day to get to the “actual original” point of creation…
YOU SEE 99.9% of the time..
It’s NOT him/her…
It’s your mum/dad
It’s your masculine/feminine carer
It might even be your grandad or grandmums programs…
It might even be, “not of this lifetime”
IT DOesn’t matter frankly!
WHAT DOES matter is you go to work.
DO YOU want to live a life of COMFORT or REGRET?
It’s often used in the personal development world to talk about your purpose or success…
WELL how about your love life?
It’s your choice!
It’s not easy.
BUT as much as you will meet people when your heart isn’t 100% healed…
GUESS WHAT.. maybe it never will?!
BUT the more you keep working at it…
Giving yourself permission to feel and acknowledging those feelings you’ve tried to bury
YOU will attract a partner who’s willing to do the same with themselves and YOU
AND do yourself a favour
BE that partner who holds space and allows your partner to be in their truth
Everyone I’ve been with in the last 2-3 years (of me having this level of awareness) has had a major hang up with an ex.
It’s just life
They’ve loved before!
It’s not personal.
It doesn’t mean it has to take away from how much they love you (of course it can), if you can show them how to be vulnerable, be in their truth…any attachments can be released..
Nobody is 100% WHOLE
If they were they’d be in another realm looking down at YOU now, helping you with your sh*t
They might not be able to open up to YOU as much as you’d like.
AND it’s your choice how long you stick around for, while they work through their stuff…
BUT remember
YOUR SOUL asked for these relationships to grow and get to know yourself AGAIN at the highest level
If there’s stuff showing up…
It’s no coincidence
If you felt that massive atraction and pull, despite their f*cked upness…
It’s for a reason!
GO TO WORK on your stuff. Acknowledge it. Let it go
Choose to grow with your partner…
You will both get to experience LOVE that far surpasses anything either of you have ever experienced
You’ll have given each other permission to be in YOUR TRUTH
Without the
Bonds of relationships gone by
Carers gone by
Ancestral patterns gone by…
Even past life’s, other universes etc…
Here’s to being courageous in love!!
It isn’t personal
Everything is a reflection of either our
Get to know where you’re sitting with each and
Get the chance to BE ALL THERE in LOVE like you haven’t done for many lifetimes!
You’re alive during the most powerful time on this planet in a long time!
Everything is faster (not just because of Tinder! :-P) energetically…
Take advantage and grow together exponentially
The Sky’s the limit!
Have an awesome week!
and remember…
It’s never personal! Everything is either pulling you towards growth, or a deeper knowing of yourself!
Here if you need x

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