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“WHEREVER YOU ARE, be all there” Jim Elliot
Yesterday it popped into my head “shall I take my laptop??”
And the answer I got very strongly was
“Wherever you are be there”
The funny thing is I don’t normally ask that question, everywhere I go, it goes with me.
So for the next 4 days I’ll be offline and 100% present with where I’ll be 😉
I get asked all the time; “How do I know that I’m experiencing an awakening?”
The very fact that you’re asking that question says to me that you are.
AND when you can follow your gut and be 100% present with whatever is showing up and whenever you are, that’s when whatever is supposed to come through, in the form of guidance, lessons etc..
That’s when it has the best chance of being able to do that!
GET present 🙌
It took so many years for me to realise that what I was searching for… the gold at the end of the rainbow.. wasn’t as shiny and Amazing as I thought it would be
Buying properties, scaling ecommece and making a ton of money in a short space of time was cool
But, when I got there I didn’t feel any different and when I lost it all, I felt even shitter (that’s the technical term :-p) than the constant grind every day that had become my life that I’d been living for years before that moment
I was attached to my outcome. I was attached to the end goal rather than the means
The only reason I bought properties was because I wanted my parents acknowledgement and for them to say they were proud of me. It became a joke between me and my siblings that they’d never said anything anywhere near they’re proud of our achievements to any of us.
I didn’t realise this till I lost out on 15 properties completing at the same time when 2 companies and 1 individual all on different deals stole money from me. I was forced to face my reasons WHY, my programs.. to WHY I was buying these properties..
I realised I didn’t even enjoy property! In fact I severely disliked it!
BUT my EGO (bless it) had decided and built a mechanism to what it thought was the best way to get LOVE…
In the eyes of society
The personal development world
My friends
My work colleagues
My parents!

Ask yourself now:
“Where does this goal I have come from?”
“Do I enjoy what I do/what I’m working toward?”
“Who told me life should look like x?”
“What were my parents belief around how life should look?”
“Where did I learn that a successful life looks like X?”
And that includes any events or seminars you’ve been to too!
I’m now privileged to know where I’m heading and what the end goal is..
BUT I’m not attached to it.. it can show up differently or not at all… Im cool either way..
My soul wants to experience certain themes and I’ll do my best by activating the law of free will to be alignment with those themes, enjoying the process as it unravels
And those themes are the means. The end goals happen as a result of me focussing on how I want to feel..
So on that note.
I’m off for 4 days now!
I don’t know what I’m set to experience exactly, BUT I trust in whatever I’m being guided towards will reap rewards as it always does..
Ask yourself now though, how much time do you spend with yourself to even hear these messages?
Don’t wait for a catastrophe like I did to wake me up from slumber,
Don’t wait for burnout
Don’t wAit till you reach the gold at the end of the rainbow to realise it’s not what you truly want
Wherever you are now, be there and be 100% present
Enjoy the fricking journey! Whatever is showing up..
REMEMBER everything is showing up for a reason! 😉
Embrace it. Embrace the good and the bad and enjoy every moment and anything that stops you being in the moment. Access wheee that comes from and WHY it’s showing up in your life 🙏
Here’s some steps to getting present with the true you and you’ll notice you not only get more work done when you’re fresher, but you’ll also get inspiration come through in these times when you’re more connected with yourself
1. Get your ass in nature. Get in the sun. Get your bare feet on the grass. So many benefits to all this, including your sleep patterns, your energy, your energetic charge in the body and more As well as connection with Mother Earth and what’s happening right now and going to in this lifetime 😉
2. Spend 15 mins at least per day being still.. be quiet. Notice your thoughts, your feelings and don’t just stick on a Mediation that gets you visualise or take you somewhere, be with you and notice every breath
3. 10 conscious breaths 3 times per day
Connect with your breath and notice that you start to notice a whole lot more!
4. Schedule in 30mins to 1 hour per day where you do whatever the hell you want. Schedule this in before your to do’s before your family, kids even.
It will start to train you to have permission to put you first as well as top up your motivation and willpower with fun stuff you like. Watching some comedy or your favourite show for example on purpose for a scheduled time rather than to numb out is the key 😉
5. Schedule in trips, rewards and I like to have half a day off per week that I’m not working. Usually with my daughter, but nevertheless I’m offline and present 100%
It allows me to work harder the rest of the time and truly be present with whatever I’m doing, rather than my mind being somewhere else!
As I said in my video yesterday on cycles, nature can’t go all out all the time, what makes you think you can and get away with it?
6. Make an effort to notice rich moments every day.
3 things at least every day that you can notice and feel rich in every way. Write this down each night and acknowledge all the feelings you had that day that are in alignment with how you’d feel living the life as the best version of yourself
Start implementing these steps into your routine and you’ll notice you start noticing yourself and what’s truly going on other than the programs that have been keeping you asleep for so long as well as allowing you to enjoy the moment and get present in life
P.s. Your ego won’t like it so just let it know for 2 weeks it’s an experiment and it’s not forever.. once the habit loops are retrained then the EGO will settle down and it wil become a habit 😉
Here if you need x

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