Podcast Episode 7: How Can I See More

In today’s episode of Self Awareness with Duke I give you exactly what you need to see more in the spiritual realm. Most people think that they do this by opening up their third eye more and flushing out their pineal gland with some fancy diet. And that’s not the case #SorryExpertsAndGurus  :-P.   It […]

What do you think is possible?

In this moment right NOW what do you think is possible? In 3 months… 6 months… a year…? One thing I’ve seen time and time again is that if it’s meant to be it will… as long as you take the steps toward it (whatver it is).. I.e. ACTION! Without needing to know the exact […]

Podcast Episode 6: What Dreams Are You Holding Off

What is it that you’re waiting for, for you to go after your dreams?   What I mean by this is we have all played that game at some point. “When I get my laptop I’ll start writing my book” is something I heard once. Which logically doesn’t make any sense, as you don’t need […]

Gotta strip it down to build it back up

We’ve all heard the analogy about Tiger Woods working on his golf swing in a different way.. getting worse for a bit, before then coming back with a vengeance to completely dominate… AND YES I’m talking pre being found out to be cheating on his wife, bless him.. BUT my point is you’ve bought into […]

Podcast Episode 5: Do You Truly Believe

I’ve always believed, from about the age of 5, that there was more to life that what I saw in my surroundings. I looked at my parents, their friends, adults at school and saw that life didn’t look as fun as it ought to be. Looking at those around me life seemed like it was […]

Podcast Episode 4: Can A Leopard Change It’s Spots

Do you really believe someone who was so set in their ways can change?   Did you really understand their ways?   In this episode of Self Awareness with Duke we delve in to this very belief and I talk about how I understood the ‘spots’ I was seeing and the meanings I ascribed to […]

Past lives, Vikings and why everything that shows up for reason

#WooWooAdventures Past lives, Vikings and why everything that shows up for reason. What happens in Dominican Republic stays in Dominican Republic I saw an ad on Facebook for the Dominican Republic, then minutes later on the tube home.. Then I was asking myself where I could go to get some sun and headed on over to […]

Podcast Episode 3: Loneliness

In this episode I dig deep about loneliness and what could cause you to feel lonely. This feeling is often assigned with those who are alone but you don’t have to be alone to feel that you are. You could be a party animal with loads of friends and in the midst of the rave […]

Podcast Episode 2: How Do I Find People to Be Authentic With

Are you comfortable being authentic with those around you?   How do you know if your desire to spend time alone or with people is right for you or not?   Who are the 5 people you spend the most time with and what do they earn?   Is what they earn even important to […]

Podcast Episode 1: Welcome To The Podcast

Podcast Episode 1: So I’ve finally released my self-awareness podcast! Why and what is this podcast all about?   Well aside from the huge clue in the line above :-P, this podcast is all about self-awareness but also helping you to become more aware of yourself and the things going on around you causing you […]