Its funny… I only came on Facebook to share that I’m going off grid for a little while in prep for Saturday’s event.. Then this was right at the top of my phone’s newsfeed. Like right at the top! For anyone who’s ever ran an even slightly “spiritual” event or otherwise.. you will know that […]

What’s Stopping You From Feeling You Deserve?


The other night I was coming back to Brighton and feeling thirsty as…and as I got to the nearest supermarket, a homeless guy caught my eye as I walked in. As I walked up and down the aisles looking for water, my energy was connecting with his and I started to choke up, as I […]

The Hug Life of Spiritual Gangsters


Hey spiritual gangsters. Anyone who came to one or both days over the weekend will know it was truly something special. Saturday I loved seeing so many new faces and Sunday we dove real deep and cleared some powerful shit. Duke you really do just keep taking it to the next level 💪🏻 Here’s the poem […]



Ever since I started my spiritual journey, I’ve been encountering a lot of information about how you should surround yourself with people that lift you up, and how, as you progress, you should be ‘letting go’ of people that are not supportive of your journey. I’ve had conversations with some beautiful awakened souls that felt […]

Podcast Episode 11: Interpreting Dreams

Now I’m usually an early bird and find that my sweet spot for waking up is 0500. However, this morning I woke up around 3/4 hours later. Have you ever had one of them mornings where you get up in this zombie like fashion, there’s dribble sliding down your face all over your pillow and […]

New Year Resolution

duke sayer one thing new year resolution

What’s your One Thing you’re going to differently this year?   The problem with most people is they get all excited (of course not you! :-P), set some new years eve goals set and then life kicks in. DON’T BE THAT PERSON!   Your brain is there to keep you safe, your job is to […]

Podcast Episode 10: Inspiration Not Motivation

With the New Year upon us I wanted to give you something special in this podcast. Something that will out do any New Years resolution set. Something that you will find useful throughout the year and throughout the rest of your life.   Most people think that its motivation that gets you moving, that gets […]

January 2018 full moon cancer

January’s Energetic Cleanse Post #1 some extra stuff I didn’t put on my profile 😉 Here’s some steps to take advantage of today’s #Supermoon   2 full moons this month. #BlueMoon   This full moon is in Cancer, so think nurturing, divine mother energy even at your disposal to help you cleanse and heal the […]

Podcast Episode 9: Are You Using Coping Mechanisms

I’m not an advocate of using coping mechanisms to get shit done and/or to live day in and day out. Coping mechanisms are passed around like chewing gum in the self-development world and in the long run they’re not sustainable. They don’t solve the problem, they only deal with the symptoms in my eyes. I […]

Podcast Episode 8: Are You Retreating Enough

In this episode of Self Awareness with Duke I talk about retreats and the importance of them. I’m not just talking about those retreats where you’re up at 0600 each morning to do yoga and juicing all day. Yeah they’re great but I’m referring to retreating from everyday life, often.   If you were to […]