Are you starving yourself of oxygen?

We all know the boring flight message that starts as we are just starting to get comfortable on the plane. We may even roll our eyes as we’ve heard it all before..

Yet we all know the fact that helping ourself significantly increases the likelihood of not only our own survival, but also of those we love!

This is an important metaphor for those of you who run around taking care of everything and everyone else except yourself.

Now this may seem a drop in the ocean, but bear with me something I experienced not so long ago was this:

Someone I met recently got sucked into trying to help a homeless person, who frankly wasn’t making it easy for them.

She slogged away day after day picking up the pieces that fell behind him, until eventually his sabotage and intent to prove to himself that nobody was there to help him eventually wore her down until she could help him no longer.

The problem is now she is so burnt out and defeated that it will take some time for her to recover on all levels before she will be the bean of light she once was that can help so selflessly again.


Had she recognised her desperation in being there for someone else the way nobody else was there for her and noticed how emotionally invested she was in the outcome, coupled with recognising that she was not looking after her own self while being there for this guy so unwavering….

THEN, she could be still at a higher energy, helping more people directly or indirectly in the long term.

The problem is we’ve made decisions growing up and decisions within the journey called life that if we are not there, then WHO possibly will be?! And if we’re not there how can we be validated?! (Read between the lines.. LOVED).

Much to the detriment of our own happiness, feelings and long term ability to help those we would most like to of course 😉

I know you help people.. You do it naturally.

What you need help with is being there for you. And if you feel any judgment around being “selfish”, check in with where that comes from TRULY.

It’s full moon and a perfect opportunity to change things up and let go idols ways..


For starters, experiment just for these next 2 weeks by:

Taking more rest

Eating right

Saying no more often, especially when you know you won’t be able to commit, but you just don’t want to disappoint

Schedule in an hour a day of ME time to do what you want uninterrupted

Meditate each day for just ten minutes

Journal your thoughts

Congratulate yourself each night on what you’ve accomplished that day

Follow your feelings every moment as much as you can


the biggest thing..

When someone is desperately seeking you to save them. Be there for yourself first and if you can’t do it without encumbering or affecting your emotional, mental or aspirational wants or needs..

THEN maybe it’s time to try a different stance and let them know you’re being there for you and can help them another time (or at least limit the time)

And you know whAt?! You might just be surprised that they do ok without you!

Don’t be afraid. Whatever your goal, objective, desires in life.. Once you put your feelings first life will flow more in your favour

It won’t be easy. You’re not used to doing it, but in the end you’ll be able to save a lot more people who actually want to be saved and you’ll have a lot more fun doing it 😉

Here’s to following your feelings and loving your truth 🙏

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