Did you watch the McGregor VS Mayweather fight last night? Or were you too busy reaching your own dreams?

A friend pointed something out to me today that I hadn’t noticed.

I’m a Liverpool fan and I was watching the highlights of us thrashing Arsenal. When I say highlights.. I mean a 5 minute clip on YouTube.. that took me about minutes to find.

She said “I’m glad to see your impatience to reach your dreams does have it’s advantages, like you don’t watch much football.”

For those of you who have a team, you know it’s something hard to explain to those who don’t… the agony and the buzz/connection feeling you get when they do well.

BUT ultimately.. does my soul care if McGregor won? Does my soul care if Liverpool win the league.. it’s a nice experience, but not really!

I know what I want 1st, even though I would love to watch a game every week….

BUT I know my priorities more so…


Did you get up at 5am this morning to watch the fight?

Did you go out last night and drink with your friends? Are you so in need of connection?

When you spend hours on end watching love island.. how does it make you feel?

You say you want success… a relationship… a healthy body..

BUT what are your daily habits really reflecting?

What moves you to watch a fight? A TV show?

How much time do you spend each day watching the news? Reading your Facebook newsfeed…

How does it make you feel? and how does working hard for something you want long term make you feel?

What do you want?


What are you prepared to do?

AND you can still watch those trashy shows… and Game of Thrones (I’ve just started)

BUT around some structure… schedule in when you’ll do that and schedule in when you’ll do the things that get you closer to your goal..

I’m sure McGregor and Mayweather didn’t watch much TV or check in with how other people were progressing outside of this fight in readying themselves for this fight..

What are you aiming at with a laser beam focus in the coming months?

Have an awesome week x

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