A beautiful share from Iain

Feeling rather intense at the moment but in a good way had to write this 🙏❤️

Much have you endured my friends many are the tasks to complete. lessons are a plenty,
Opportunities are prevalent far and wide, seek and ye shall find.
knowledge to gain, growth to behold many are your audience to come, with journeys long and short, each of your own experiences to be shared, some are learned some are taught.
The light within each and every one of you, will brighten, your gifts they will emerge, like a caterpillar to a butterfly, ascending beyond the realms that you see before you.

The higher realms are yours to feel, to touch, to see, rewards of heart and mind.
Take faith in all that we are showing you, we share each journey with you, never are you alone… We always walk beside you with every thought with every deed.
We listen to all of your wants and cater for what you truly need.
Listen to your intuition as it guides you to straight and true.

Acknowledge all that you have experienced the answers will always reveal.
Make peace with your fears only love will guide you through, be kind to yourself, believe in your self, you are a being so pure.
Worry not if you make mistakes but learn as you journey on…
Your strength and your wisdom has served you well, for you are present in this time, continue moving forward with courage and resolve, you are a beautiful being many centuries it is foretold.

Always know that we are with you wherever you may be, long may you continue with love, peace & wisdom.
With divine love, Brothers and Sisters of source.

Many blessings one & all x

Namaste xx

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