About Duke Sayer

Duke is a self-awareness and energy coach who after spending 12 years working on his business, trying to fix his physical ailments and trying to sort his personal and business life, finally found the energy tools and techniques that actually work.

Duke will share with you the keys to re-connecting with yourself to truly understand what is happening in your life and how that influences your business, health and relationships. Self awareness sets you free and once you connect with your body, mind and know how you truly show up and who you truly are, you gain the power to change every aspect of your life connecting with your soul’s purpose and learn who you are destined to be in this lifetime.

Duke works with high level CEO’s, business owners and couples who have tried everything else and are now looking for the truth to release anything that is stopping them from reaching their goals and living a life on path.

So excited for this. Each and every one of my sessions with Duke has changed my consciousness in a powerful way. Super excited to start sharing time and skills with others! The healing and awareness I have gained from this work is still at the very top of my list! 🙂

Aaron Le Conte

I’ve had a healing session with Duke Sayer and was blown away at how powerful it was. It completely shifted my energy and now my life is transforming at rapid speed and miraculous things are happening. Thanks so much Duke!

Gabriel Both

Duke is phenomenal at what he does, not only for the subject at hand but also by virtue of time he has spent in learning this craft! Duke was very quickly able to show me where my blind spots were (and we have many) and then how to TACKLE them. Learning how to develop this aptitude within yourself is not only beneficial for you now but gives you tools and techniques that will support you and those you love DAILY! I can’t thank Duke enough for what he learnt but how he is open to sharing with others.

For anyone who is debating where to do this course or not, I would say to you “Get out of your own way” because you will only gain, and that too far more than you can even imagine!

All the best DUKE!

Nimisha Brahmbhatt

I’ve Experienced Duke’s techniques, where I was able to see my path and why everything happened to me for the first time, don’t miss the chance to learn this stuff and become the best version of yourself!

Khaleim Wolfe

Just paid my deposit! I’ve already been working with Duke for a short while an now doing healing sessions with clients regularly. Definitely recommend this to anyone! Excited! 🙂

Luke Scott

Guys for those of you who haven’t worked with Duke or don’t know what he does for people I’d like to share how it was for me. We arranged a session as I felt that I had a huge purpose here but felt stuck and not able to fully see it as well as embrace my true feminine power.

I always felt that there was a potential that I had not tapped into but thought ‘who am I to even think that about myself?!

I lacked faith in my own strength, power and gift. Even since our session, I’ve been embracing my mission and gift and life seems to flow so so so much more!

I can see clearly and even when there are moments when I feel emotionally off, I remember one thing that Duke told me ‘whatever comes up, remember who you are and what you’re here to do’.

Life has been challenging recently but main emotions are still love and joy as yes…I do remember who I am…!!

We’re so so so much more than our physical bodies and your soul has a message for you, and you could say that Duke is your bridge between the higher realm and your human self that will help you tap into your purpose, heal and integrate x

Angelika Duch

YES! This is going to be amazing. I wanna write a bit about my experience of having a healing session with Duke. I immediately loved his down to earth approach. I’ve had loads of healing/letting go sessions like Reiki, gurus touching my head etc and none of them had a real impact. This is a spot on name for what Duke does because literally he took me to the moments where I wasn’t heard by my mum, experienced and released all that on this level and in other levels going back further to my grandma’s ancestors.

The effect it has is, all the intense resentment and anger I had towards my mum was gone. So later on I had 10 more experiential healing sessions. In 3 months from being a nanny and graphic designer now I give intuitive guidance sessions and hold workshops which were what I always wanted to do. It was a super speedy process because through the experiential healing, I released loads of crap from the past that I was holding onto, literally I became a whole different person. I feel lighter, freer and more confident. I did this healing on people including my parents and saw the change it had on people.. So it’s super easy to learn and you can start applying and seeing results straight away.

If you wanna move forward with ease and joy, sign up guys. Worth every penny!!!

Thanks Duke for being you!! xxx 🙂

Isik Tlabar