On my way back from another ManClub meetup and I can’t help as I look up at the moon, but feel appreciation 🙏

12 years ago I didn’t have a clue WHY everything was showing up in my life the way it was or HOW to change it!

BUT as I reflect on tonight’s meetup… seeing guys integrate, figure out, realise what they’re attracting and why, and open their hearts to each other while stepping into their own truth… I just feel blessed.

This week has been a funny week where I’ve worked so hard on my Experiential Healing program, teaching people to do some of what I do, literally recording 100’s of videos to support them and not sleeping much…even by my standards!


The funny thing is the universe has been hitting my intuition to ramp it up more. To give more, be there more (somehow!) and to go against what many say is sensible in offering so much with no agenda…

AND this week I’ve had more people than usual question WHY I give so much in my “self awareness with duke” and “ManClub” Facebook group..


I know how it feels.

It took me 12 years to figure out this thing they call life and how to

1. acknowledge what was showing Up in my life

2. Learn the lesson

3. Integrate the lesson

4. And then take action with the understanding and gift gained from the growth

12 years is a long time, and whether people don’t value it because it’s free, f&ck it!

I trust in people’s souls feeling it….

And I feel nothing but blessed every day to know what I know and feel how I feel 🙏

So I’m trusting!

Trusting that ManClub meetups, all the content in my groups can still be free despite…

Trusting in who I am, trusting in the universe and trusting in all of you who continually show me so much support.

In total gratitude for who you are.

And in the meantime keep going. It gets better. It gets easier.

I heard today at an event that as you get further along the journey your EGO throws up more challenges that are harder and harder each time. I call bullshit on that 😱 with love.

Only if you use systems to rise above your lessons.

But if you’re continually growing and integrating the awareness and lessons it gets faster and faster. Every now and then you get a biggy of course (I love em personally!), but what took me hours or days to integrate now takes me 5 minutes!

So hang in there. Hold on. Your life will change, just keep the faith. Myself and so many others are here for you. Your soul knows what it’s doing. Listen to it. It knows what’s best for you 😇

As always here if you need x


Anything you’d like me to answer a question on or do a video on, please let me know below or by private message 🙏


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