The 5 Productivity Myths

We’re half way through Monday.. what have you got done so far? What’s your goal for the week? What will you have done no matter what by Friday?!



Here’s 5 myths around productivity that might be holding you back:


1. “There is balance and many things matter equally in life”

Not true, what is your one thing that when done, brings up everything else and has a compound effect on your purpose/destiny


2. “Multitasking is necessary”

Not true! Studies have shown your concentration and brain focus to be worse then smoking weed continually when multitasking. PLUS the refocus time of 20 minutes each time you switch tasks. Focus on one thing at a time


3. “Willpower is always there, it just requires discipline”

Not true, manage your time and energy or you’ll struggle to get what you need to get done, actually done!


4. “Life can be balanced”

Not true, life is a series of waves in different areas of your life. Something hast to give. So rather than spin too many plates and drop them all, make an executive decision to spin as few a plates at a time.


5. “Big goals scare your subconscious”

Yes they do, but so do smaller goals. The job of your brain is to keep you safe, however it defines that. Set a BIG goal and then break down the tasks and focus on the tasks in hand. Then your brain is less likely to sabotage you.


Focus is the name of the game, but even if you don’t know what to focus on, from this evening onwards I’ll be sharing all the reasons and methods WHY to set you up for success, even if you don’t know what success looks like yet.

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